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Type: Diploma
Location: Melbourne
Attendance: On Campus Learning
CRICOS: 096470J
Duration: 24 weeks
Course Intakes: DEC- FEB- JAN- JUL- JUN- MAR- MAY- NOV- OCT- SEP

Diploma of Interpreting(Albright)

The Diploma of Interpreting is a NAATI Endorsed Qualification. The course structure covers both theoretical and pragmatic aspects of interpreting, giving students a holistic understanding of this discipline and this profession. Our qualified trainers with extensive industry experience are enthusiastic about teaching and will impart, without reservation, their knowledge, skills and experience to our students who are interested in this course and aspire to become an interpreter.
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  • Admission Requirements
  • English Requirements
This course is suitable for those who aspire to pursue a career as an interpreter.
This qualification consists of 12 units.

Core Units

  • PSPTIS001 Apply codes and standards to ethical practice
  • PSPTIS002 Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments
  • PSPTIS003 Prepare to translate and interpret
  • PSPTIS040 Interpret in general dialogue settings (LOTE-English)
  • PSPTIS041 Interpret in general monologue settings (LOTE-English)
  • PSPTIS042 Manage discourses in general settings
  • PSPTIS043 Use routine subject matter terminology in interpreting (LOTE-English)

Elective Units

  • PSPTIS044 Demonstrate routine LOTE proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts
  • PSPTIS045 Demonstrate routine English proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts
  • PSPTIS046 Use routine education terminology in interpreting (LOTE-English)
  • PSPTIS047 Use routine health terminology in interpreting (LOTE-English)
  • PSPTIS048 Use routine legal terminology in interpreting (LOTE-English)

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