We Simplify Your Admission Process

Our three-step process will help you easily decide on a course and institute apply through one of our experienced education agents and quickly enroll in the next available intake.  


All our partnered institutes and their courses are provided for you to view in two ways depending on what you prefer. Either look through institutions or courses. We help cater to individual needs.

once you find a course that you like, simply click the apply button and one of our consultants will contact you shortly. Our experienced consultants will explain to you exactly what documents you need, and by when. Start your classes in a month or 6 months. We can easily help you manage this process better.

Once you are aware of all the documents needed and the intake dates, all you need to do is enroll with the help of one of our educational consultants. Either apply to one institute, or up to three. It is all your choice. Every institution is different, depending on when you will receive your offer letter.

Step 1
Explore all the courses that are available to you. There are many options you can choose from, but try to use a filtering system to compare the courses you are interested in depending on various factors such as; qualification level, department, location, scholarship option and tuition fees. You can take a look at all these options here and decide what course to study.
Step 2
Collect all your documents depending on the requirements of each institute. Most institutes will ask for general documents such as Academic Transcripts, English test scores, identity documents and your statement of purposes. Sometimes an institute can ask for additional information depending on what you want to study. Find all of this and gather all your documents.
Step 3
Once all the documents are collected, apply for the course you are interested in. It is suggested that you apply to more than one course. This gives you some time to decide what you really want. Higher Education applications take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks, while diploma, advance diploma can take up to 2 weeks to process your application.
Step 4
After the wait is over you can then accept your offer letter. Sometimes offer letters can come with a condition. If you can meet the condition you are able to accept the offer letter. You do this by signing the offer letter with the first payment for your course. This information usually comes with the offer letter.
Step 5
When making the payment you are then eligible to receive your confirmation of enrollment. This document will confirm your place in the course and you are then able to enroll in your classes online or face-to-face depending on which platform you have chosen.
Step 6
Apply for your student visa (subclass 500) once you receive your Confirmation of Enrollment. Check the list of documents required on the Department of Home Affairs website or speak to a Registered Migration Agent to manage your application.

We also help you with

Health Insurance

In order to apply for a Student Visa in Australia, you are required to have special health insurance coverage. This is specifically designed for international students called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This health cover is regulated by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) to help in covering the costs of medical and hospital case that an international student may need while in Australia. There are a range of OSHC covers starting from a basic cover with compulsory minimum services to comprehensive cover under the particular policy of maintaining OSHC. We can help pick out the best OSHC cover for you. For further information you can visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

Student Visa

While picking out a course is important, getting a successful student visa (subclass 500) is also a crucial step towards your education in Australia. We can help you achieve that by guiding you through one of our Registered Migration Agents (RMA). The first step towards starting your student visa is to derive a Confirmation of Enrollment of a course you are applying for. After which we can guide to towards the next steps. It is recommended to apply for a Student Visa at least 3 months in advance, this gives both you and the case officer time to prepare for the next steps.

Student Accommodation

The most challenging part after receiving your visa is to find accommodation. But do not worry, we got you cover for this. We are partnered with reputed accommodation providers and we can arrange your accommodation before even you arrive at your destination country. Just talk to us about your accommodation arrangement and we will be more than happy to arrange it for you.