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Australia is one of the leading countries in the world in education. It is the only country in the world that is a continent, with an incredible vista of beaches and landscape it is the ultimate destination for people all around the world. With a fusion of cultures coming from immigrants from across the globe, Australia is truly a dream destination. It is one of the limited countries which provide students with the opportunity to not only work post-study but also be given the chance to live, work and study here permanently.

Moving can be a difficult decision, knowing what the study and which career path to choose is also a very important decision. But there are numerous reasons why moving here would be the ultimate dream come true. Here are a few reasons


Student Network

Every university in Australia has a vast network of clubs, activities and events solely dedicated to international students. They help international students understand Australian history and culture better. And for every traveller out here, almost all the services and events in Australia have a concession for students! This gives every student an opportunity to travel at a discount rate of up to 40%.


Quality of Life

You will truly notice the difference in the Australian quality of life as soon as you land. The clean air and drinking water, the fresh produce and amazing coffee will be one of the many perks of your life here. Not to mention, with the location of most educational institutes in Australia it will be easy for you to visit the beach or the mountains after class at any given day! Public transportation is one of the most interlinked networking systems in the world. With a daily limit to how much you can spend on public transportation, there are no limitations to how further you want to go in a day.


Amazing Climate

In Australia, you will welcome the beautiful seasons throughout the year. The weather never gets unbearably cold or too hot (maybe sometimes, more reasons for you to visit the beach). With many outdoor activities, wonderful views within the city and the outskirts you will be able to take full advantage. The sun here is strong and brightens everyone’s day when it shines bright more than anywhere around the world (always remember to wear sunscreen).


Fitness Culture

Nearly all of Australia has an incredible fitness regime. Here it is a lifestyle, and it is a very easy lifestyle to maintain. With countless tracks in every suburb, parks and running tracks. You are able to choose how to want to stay fit. Run, cycle, skate, join an outdoor fitness class or even join the gym (in concession). You will find that eating healthy is actually easier here. With uncountable organic shops, cafes and vegan options you will find yourself choosing this lifestyle easily.  The quality of fresh produce is also outstanding and is one of the biggest benefits of living in Australia.


Laid-Back Lifestyle

In Australia, people take numerous pride in being one of the most laid-back nations around the world. Even in between the hustle and bustle of the city you will always notice how pedestrians are relaxing in the countless public spaces for lunch or a coffee break. Pedestrians get full priority here, where most places can be easily accessible. The laneway dining is also a real treat in between classes to just sit down and enjoy a nice meal from any cuisine you prefer!


Australia has incredible opportunities, from world-class education to excellent first home buying schemes to help you make your move easier. The culture of this country is diverse and you can find your community (and food) wherever you live. If you are planning or thinking about migrating to Australia, start your journey today. When you become a student first, it really gives you an opportunity to live and decide for yourself if this is the right fit for you. Australia will not disappoint.


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