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How to Become a Student in Australia

Australia is one of the leading countries for Education in multiple industries. Australia prides on both academic research and industry-focused education where an individual is able to choose between both. All government Universities and private institutes provide a Career Pathway program that helps individuals decide their own focus. To start your journey today, it is important to first understand the general requirements for these institutes, decide on what you want to study, and then pick a career path.

 Find a Provider or Australian Education Agent

Firstly, it is important to understand the application process. You can choose to apply directly to a University or through an Australian Education Agent. The difference here is that if you apply directly through a university, the application proceeding time takes much more as these institutes deal with thousands of applications from all around the world. Whereas if you chose to apply through an Australian Education Agent you will be contacted by a Licensed Education Agent that you are able to find through their official website like this one. This helps you develop a strong understanding of your application process through an Education Agent, not just the Agency. It is the Agents responsibility to explain all the documents you require for a successful outcome for your application process. Most agencies will also have access to Registered Migration Agents that you will be connected with. An RMA can then guide to towards a successful visa outcome as well.

Pick a Course

Find out what interests you the most, decide for yourself what is it that you are most keen to learn. This is a step that most students often forget to focus on. Once you are studying, it becomes difficult to focus on a subject that you have little interest or passion for. So pick a career or a subject that interests you the most. Once you know what you want to study your Education Agent will be able to pick out an appropriate Institute for you. According to your individual needs, from trying to find the right scholarship to find an accredited course that will help you become a member in individual working communities. There is the right institute for you, depending on your needs.

Gather Documents and Apply before the deadline

Once you are aware of the Institutions and courses you want to apply for (you should at least apply to 2 places). You can gather your documents; these include but are not limited to:

  • Passport Copy

  • English language Certificate

  • Academic Certificates, Transcripts

  • Filled out the Application form

  • Statement of Purpose

 You need high quality, original scanned copies of these documents. All Institutes will have individual deadlines that you need to follow and submit all documents before that date. Most institutes take up to 6 weeks to process international applications, this also comes with a small application fee that you may need to pay through a Credit Card.

Receive Offer Letter from an Australian Institute

If you’re able to fulfill all the requirements listed for the institute, you will then receive an Offer Letter. This document does not confirm your enrollment (more on that later). This document provides an offer directly to you to study at the institute. It comes with conditions of further requirements sometimes, and you need to fulfill all the requirements. A signed copy and payment is asked for along with this Offer Letter.

Confirmation of Enrollment

This is the end of your student application process. After you provide all the necessary documents and payment, you then receive a CoE. This document can be then used by your RMA to apply for your student visa. It provides your personal details; your course starts and the end date.

 Apply for your Student Visa

With the CoE, and the document list provided above, you can then start your Student Visa Application process. The Student Visa you will be applying for is called Subclass 500 student Visa. This is an online application. The Department of Home Affairs will ask for a fee to process this application. Further documents will be required, including Student Health Cover and Biometrics. Other family details, proof of funds, and previous records will also be asked for. Documents can be uploaded after you submit your student application but it is advisable that you gather all needed documents before you apply for your student visa.

 Wait for your outcome

Student Visa Grants can take up to 2-6 months. Usually, it is a quick process, but processing times may vary. It is suggested that students take time and prepare for their new moves and adventures. With fluctuation ticket prices, it is up to you if you want to purchase tickets before or after your Student Visa Outcome. This time can also be valuable to tie up loose ends and make the most of the time you have with friends and family. Once you receive your visa outcome, your life will be changed forever.


Moving as an international student can be very exciting and challenging. Every individual needs all the support they can get to make this process much easier. Take advice from professionals, do your own research, and ask your friends and family who have been through this. Many agencies and institutes have a dedicated team to concentrate on just the needs of our potential students in Australia. Contact us if you have further questions, we are here to help.



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