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We know how International students recruitment works

We are delighted to announce our new platform for all, where our potential students can take a look at all the courses available from different providers. 

This platform will be an incredible opportunity to reach more students by providing them with all
the information they require before they make the decision of joining your institute.
This is truly an incredible opportunity to change the way we deliver our services to potential
students, and we want your institute to be a part of this. 


1. Increased volume of students

We have you covered when it comes to the number of students you require every semester. We can help you increase numbers and get a great variety of students every trimester.


6. Partnerships

Joining us, will not only help you in gaining access to more students but also use our relationship to grow and prosper as a provider using our services. We can help you grow larger, helping each other to form a constructive business relationship.


2. Quality students

It is important to not just have students in campus, but it is important to have students that will enhance a knowledge rich environment. We can help you get those great students without having to comb through thousands of applications everyday.


3. Document Verification

 We have education agents working to give our partners no hassle in terms of the documents they receive. We will check, verify and check for certification for all the students documentations required.


4. Promotional Channels

We will be promoting your courses and marketing material across all our social media channels. Along with keeping prospective students in the loop of all your upcoming courses, scholarships and much more.


5. Qualified Counsellors

We have highly trained and QEAC certified team of counsellors who understand your institution and can deal with all sorts of  admission process. 

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