Guide to Understanding the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)

What is the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)? In today’s ever-expanding, global world the degree you gain today must be guaranteed recognition across international borders to ensure your employability well into the future.  When choosing a university education, whether in your own country or on the international stage, it’s to gain a qualification that is internationally […]

Top 5 jobs to help international students earn while they learn

For the lucky few international students, studying abroad simply means that…devoting yourself entirely to the books (and the occasional end of semester party, of course!). However, for a lot of international students, studying overseas also means earning while learning. Not everyone can afford to hit the books at their parents’ expense! Not only will a […]

Australia’s top regional study opportunities: Top 3 picks for 2022

study opportunities

You will find the perfect study-life balance when you decide to pursue the amazing regional study opportunities available in country Australia. Can’t you just see it now? You can be on campus in the morning, go surfing or bush-walking in the afternoon and still have time for a part-time job in the evening! Every regional […]